Training Prerequisites

Please ensure you are familiar with the ARC User Guide. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with the Linux command line environment, a good quality Introduction to Linux reference is available online.

In order to connect to the University network, trainees may need to use the VPN service.  An alternative is to use the IT Services server; to activate an account on it a user first needs to go to and select 'Manage Linux Shell Account' situated towards the bottom of the page.


ARC Training Sessions - Hilary 2023

Introduction to ARC Presentation

Available on demand to download. See course description page

Getting started with ARC

Click here to see course description. Use the link(s) below to book on a specific presentation of the course. 10.30 am -12.00 pm

Wednesday 1st February 2023

Wednesday 8th February 2023
Wednesday  22nd February 2023

Effective use of HPC clusters

Click here to see course description. Use the link below to attend the course on the 8th of March.

Time  10.30 am -12.00 pm

Wednesday 8th March 2023 

Note this is a Teams meeting and does not require registration

ARC Drop-in sessions 

The ARC team plan to hold monthly drop-in sessions for ARC users during term time.
At least one member of the ARC Team will be available in the drop-in session to respond to your queries.
Please note, the drop-in sessions should not be used as a replacement for submitting support ticket to the team; nor should it be used for inquiries related to existing support tickets. 
Future drop-in session dates are scheduled as follows:
Thursday 2nd February 2023  10.30 am -12.00 pm
Thursday 2nd of March 2023  10.30 am -12.00 pm