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Getting Started with ARC

To use the ARC service, you must apply for an individual user account, which must be part of an ARC project.  All applications for user accounts must be approved by the appropriate project leader.

Requesting a user account

The use of the ARC service is open to all researchers in the University of Oxford.  It can also be used by external researchers who collaborate with a research group at the University of Oxford.

If a suitable ARC project already exists, you can directly apply for a user account using the user registration form. Otherwise you should consult our page on Creating a Project.

After submitting the online user registration form the leader of the selected project will be notified and asked to give their approval.  Once the application is approved, you will receive an email containing your ARC login credentials: a user name and a temporary password.  The email also contains instructions how to change your temporary password.

The ARC team normally begin processing applications for a user account on the same day the application was made or, if during a weekend, on the next working day. The time between applying for and getting the account largely depends on the time it takes for the project leader to approve the application. Please be aware that during busy periods it may take longer to process new accounts.