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What is the Advanced Research Computing service?

The Advanced Research Computing (ARC) service provides access to High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, support, and advice to researchers within the University of Oxford. Based with in IT Services, ARC's computational resources and support are available to Oxford researchers free at the point of use and include:

  • access to state-of-the-art high-performance CPU and GPU based compute resources;
  • a wide range of scientific applications which are pre-installed and ready to use;
  • general user support, assistance & advice on using scientific applications efficiently on the service;
  • specialised support and advice on parallel application development and
  • a range of training courses for both new and experienced users.

The computational resources provided by ARC allow researchers to tackle a diverse range of research challenges that, generally, cannot be performed on a local desktop or workstation, or may have advantages in being carried out on multiple processors to tackle large scale problems, or to increase scientific/research throughput (more jobs per unit time) via parallelism.

If you would like to use the ARC services you can either join an existing ARC project or, if you are a member of university staff, you may request a new project for your research. Please see the Getting Started pages for more information.

More detailed information about the ARC systems can be found here. If you need to contact the ARC team directly please e-mail: support@arc.ox.ac.uk