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Advanced Research Computing (ARC) is a central IT resource, which provides a High Performance Computing (HPC) service to all Oxford University researchers. 

At the heart of the ARC service are our HPC compute clusters and high-performance data storage. The clusters provide a large number of CPU based compute nodes and also nodes that provide GPU and other specialised compute resources. Our 2 Petabyte data storage system connects to these clusters and provides the fast, low latency storage demanded by modern HPC systems.

The benefits for computing-based research are substantial, and the use of the ARC services is free at the point of use for all researchers in the University of Oxford.

ARC supports a very diverse range of research and welcomes users from all disciplines within the University.  The ARC service includes the installation, testing and updates of software at the request of users.  ARC also has a range of training courses, which target novice users as well as more advanced programmers to enable them to make efficient use of the HPC platforms.

Currently, the ARC service supports a portfolio of over £52M of research projects at the University of Oxford.