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A consortium of UK universities, led by the University of Oxford, has been awarded funding by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to establish a computing facility known as the Joint Academic Data Science Endeavour (JADE). This forms part of a combined investment by EPSRC in the UK’s regional Tier 2 high-performance computing facilities, which aim to bridge the gap between institutional and national resources.

JADE is unique amongst the Tier 2 centres in being designed for the needs of machine learning, biosimulation and related data science applications. There has been huge growth in machine learning in the last 5 years, and JADE was the first national facility to support this rapid development, with the university partners including the world-leading machine learning groups in Oxford, Edinburgh, KCL, QMUL, Sheffield and UCL; this consortium has since expanded with the introduction of JADE 2.

Both JADE and JADE2 exploit the capabilities of NVIDIA's DGX Deep Learning platform which have eight Tesla GPUs tightly coupled by NVIDIA's high-speed NVlink interconnect.  The DGX platform runs optimized versions of many standard machine learning software packages such as Caffe, TensorFlow, Theano and Torch.

This system design is also ideal for a large number of molecular dynamics applications and so JADE provides a powerful resource for molecular dynamics researchers within the HECBioSim consortium.

For more information about the JADE service see http://www.jade.ac.uk

Please note: in order to access JADE you will require a Hartree SAFE account you will need to create this even if you already have an ARCHER SAFE account.

JADE and JADE2 are operated and administered by STFC's Hartree Laboratories, as such the ARC team does not have administrative access or elevated rights on the system, because of this our scope to be able to help is limited compared to the degree of help and intervention that we can provide on Oxford's ARC systems. Oxford JADE users can email support@arc.ox.ac.uk for assistance.