Getting started with ARC

This training session is delivered online via MS Teams, at least twice per term.

Who is it for:
  • New ARC users
Learning outcomes:
  • More detailed understanding of HPC and parallel computing, including different kinds of parallelism.
  • The ability to connect to ARC and change your password
  • Basic understanding of scheduling jobs with the SLURM resource manager
  • Submission of a simple job script
  • Ability to review and understand the SLURM job queues
  • Understanding of ARC SLURM partitions
  • The ability to run an interactive session
  • An understanding of the credit system
  • How to request resources such as memory and GPUs from SLURM
  • How to deal with job failures
  • Understanding of the ARC software environment
  • Basic understanding of software container support on ARC
  • The ability to move data to and from ARC storage
Course Slides

You may download the slides for this training course from here: