Effective use of HPC clusters


This training session is delivered online via MS Teams, once per term.

Who is it for:
  • Users with a basic understanding of the ARC environment who would like to gain more insight into how to make their cluster jobs more efficient.
  • Users that have code they would like to compile and use on ARC.
Learning outcomes:
  • Why we use HPC and the use of multi-core processors.
  • The models of parallelism.
  • More advanced use of batch scripting
  • An understanding of Job Arrays
  • Types of parallelism (OpenMP/MPI)
  • Building software on ARC
    • Compilers
    • Linkers
    • Makefiles
    • Optimisation
  • Efficient use of storage/memory
  • Measuring application performance


Course Slides

You may download the slides for this training course from here: