Applying for Grants


Assisting with Research Proposals

Research Facilitators are available to help researchers put together research proposals across a wide range of funders and advise you about access to ARC systems. We also provide:

  • Technical support for existing applications or the introduction of new software onto the ARC systems
  • Guidance on requesting ARC time on FeC research proposals

Research Support - funding

Researchers who use ARC and are writing grant proposals are strongly encouraged to add a directly incurred cost item for this purpose.

There are a wide range of funders that will provide support for using ARC systems alongside your general research costs. We would advise thinking about funding to access ARC services well in advance.

ARC Time on Research Proposals - Directly Incurred Facility Costs

Budgets for external research grant applications under FeC should include a request for funding under Directly Incurred costs to support use of the ARC systems.  The budget line could be described as ‘Advanced Research Computing Facility Costs’

Example Research Councils Justification of Resources Statement

I request £xxxx to cover the charge-out rates for Advanced Research Computing services. The computational element of this project requires xxx estimated processor hours of HPC system time to perform the....[whatever it is scientifically you are doing]