Restricted Licence Software Applications


Most software applications on ARC are freely available to all users. However, some centrally installed applications may only be used by users or groups that have been granted a licence by the software vendor or maintainer. For this type of licensed software, ARC maintains Linux access groups to ensure the licence restrictions are enforced. 

Existing Software Access Request

If you need to use an existing application which is restricted in this way, then please complete the form below - if the software is not listed, please complete an ARC Software Request

Personal Details
Software Details
Licensee Details
The Licensee is the individual who holds the licence for the software and/or manages the named users on the software licence (if appropriate); the Licensee may be an ARC Project Leader, or another member of your research group. Once known, ARC will then contact the Licensee to confirm your entitlement to use the software. If you are the Licensee, then please supply the licence details (serial number etc.) in the Additional Information section below in order to confirm that you are entitled to use the software.
Additional Information
Please note: ARC will not add users to a software access group without permission from the software licensee or nominated point of contact.