Terms and conditions


ARC users must abide by all other terms and conditions stipulated by the University of Oxford as a condition for using IT systems. See here for details.

System security is vital to protect users activities and maintain a reliable service. The ARC reserves the right to refuse any installation of application or underpinning software or services in its computing environments that, in the sole considered opinion of its experts, is likely to compromise the integrity, availability or security of those environments or that negatively impacts the service for other users.

We may de-activate any account without notice where the user has installed software that is disruptive or designed to circumvent security without our knowledge.


Data Storage

The ARC makes every effort to ensure the integrity of data stored on our facilities. However, we are under no obligation to guarantee the integrity or availability of data - this is the responsibility of the individual user.

The ARC does not accept any liability,  financial or otherwise for loss of data. We recommend that users employ standard industry practice for their important data and store it at sites other than the ARC, for example, in their department.



ARC users must acknowledge the use of ARC services in any publication that contains results obtained using the ARC resources.

The following text, or citation, must be included in your publication, ensuring the DOI is included:

'The authors would like to acknowledge the use of the University of Oxford Advanced Research Computing (ARC) facility in carrying out this work. http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.22558'

Alternatively, if it is not possible to include the above, the ARC facility may be cited as:

Richards, Andrew. (2015). University of Oxford Advanced Research Computing. Zenodo.10.5281/zenodo.22558


Following publication please notify ARC by emailing details to 'publications@arc.ox.ac.uk'


Complaints and Grievances

The ARC support service tries to provide an appropriate level of service with available resources. If you feel we have not met your expectations, either contact the centre manager or the chair of the ARC Executive Committee: Richard Katz, Department of Earth Sciences.

If necessary, you may formally complain via the chair to the Executive Committee as a whole who will do their utmost to resolve any area of concern.