Requesting Credits

Researchers may request "credits" for use on the ARC systems where a credit is (roughly) equal to being allocated 1 processing core for 1 second of wall clock time. Please read our Accounting System page for more details on how credit usage is calculated for jobs.

If you need to know how may credits you have left at any time, use the command mybalance on any ARC system. 

Requesting credits for the free standard service

Please email support@arc.ox.ac.uk with an estimate of the number of credits or CPU hours you require to run your jobs, along with a brief description of the research project that ARC will be supporting. One of the team will respond promptly and add the credits to your ARC project.

Purchasing credits for the priority services

If you would like to purchase credits with funds from a research grant please contact us first to discuss your requirements. Once you know how many credits to purchase please complete the Payment Request Form using either the FEC or non-FEC options.

Pricing is reviewed annually. Compute credits bought do not expire.

Cost of Credits from 1st August 2016

The Cost (FEC) of credits for compute time from 1st August 2016 is 1 pence per core hour (e.g. 10,000 core hours will cost £100). You should use this cost in any grant applications that will start after this date. This is based on ARC being an SRF type of facility.

The cost of additional storage allocation above the standard 5TB per project allocation is £250 per TB per year.

If you require costings for EU grant applications please contact us.

The payment request form should be completed and can be sent by email to theteam@arc.ox.ac.uk or in hard copy to Advanced Research Computing, IT Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN. Alternatively payment can be made via Purchase Order on request. Please contact us first.

Purchasing credits with grants and other sources

Purchasing credits with an FEC Grant

Typically, this will be from a specific Directly Allocated Facility cost from a Research Council or similar type of grant under Full Economic Costs. For FEC grant you will need to provide the following:

  • Cost centre and account string you wish to be debited
  • Line description for the journal
  • PI (budget holder) signature
  • Departmental Adminstrator's signature

Non-FEC Projects and other sources

In the case of non-FEC grants you will need to provide the following on the form:

  • Project code
  • Task
  • Award number
  • Expenditure type

FP7 EU Funding (Directly Incurred headings)

Owing to audit requirements we have to handle such funding in a different way. Essentially we have to invoice the user in arrears for actual, auditable usage. We can do this but it's best to get in contact first to discuss.

External Users

External users should visit our External Users page for up to date information including charges for setting up projects.