To use ARC systems you will need to apply for an individual user account. A user account needs to be associated with an ARC project, which might already exist (in which case go straight to step B below), or need creating, in which case start at Step A.  (The ARC project name forms the basis for the credit accounting system, and each project may have many users).  

A. Create a new project

ARC Projects can be research groups, individuals or whatever best suits your local set up. For example, a research group may have two areas of research with different funding streams. It might make sense to create separate projects and have different user accounts for each project. Users can decide on the most sensible way to approach this.

"Projects" are normally led by a member of academic staff. Research students and undergraduates should ask their supervisor to create and lead their ARC project.

You may find it useful to read through our pages explaining our charging policy and how you can purchase credits. The form asks you to confirm how you will be funding your use of the ARC.

To register a new project please fill in the Project Registration form.

B. Requesting a user account

Once a project has been created, you can apply as an individual for an account within the project. The registration form lists all existing OSC projects and you can select to which one you wish your new user account to belong.

To register for a user account, please fill in the User Registration form.

Approval Process

Your registration request will be processed by the ARC team who may be in contact to confirm funding details.

"Guest Accounts" are not an alternative to setting up a project - they are exclusively for the use of groups like vendors who support our systems or very quick testing.