Looking after your user account

In order to change your account password you need to use ssh to connect to myaccount.arc.ox.ac.uk and run the passwd command.

$ passwd
Enter login(LDAP) password:

This is asking for your current ARC password (including if we’ve sent you a temporary password). You’ll then be asked to enter a new password twice:

New password:

Re-enter new password:

LDAP password information changed for <your username>

And your password will be changed.

If your password has already expired then when you ssh to myaccount.arc.ox.ac.uk, you’ll be given the option to update it on login. If you can’t remember your password or if this fails for any reason (such as in the even that we have locked your account) then please contact us at support@arc.ox.ac.uk.

To change your forwarding email address you need to use the arctool user management tool which is also available on the myaccount.arc.ox.ac.uk system.  Please follow the instructions which match your menu screen.

No X-forwarding

This menu will appear when running arctool connecting without a locally available X server. This is usually the case for users running Windows, or users running Linux who have not configured X-forwarding.

ARCTool Text interface

Use the up and down arrow keys to select "Passwords" from the list on the left, then use the Tab key to move the cursor to the "New Password" box. Hit tab again to switch to the "Confirm New Password" box. Tabbing to the "Suggest Password" box and pressing enter (or hitting Alt-S) will cause a new suggestion to be shown. Tabbing to the "OK" button and pressing enter (or hitting Alt-O) will cause the system to ask you to confirm your old password - use Tab to select the OK box (or press Alt-O) to confirm, and the system will inform you whether your change was successful or not. Tab to the Quit button (or press Alt-Q) when you are done.

X-forwarding enabled

This menu will appear when running arctool connecting with a locally available X server. This is sometimes the case for Windows users who have installed an X server such as Hummingbird Exceed or Cygwin-X, or users running Linux who have connected using the "-X" flag in ssh.

OSCtool Graphical Interface

Click "Passwords", the enter your new password twice in the provided boxes. Clicking "Suggest Password" will cause a new random password to be shown in bold text, underneath the password boxes. When you're satisfied with your new password, click "OK" - it will ask you to confirm your old password, then inform you if the password change was successful. Click the "Quit" button to quit.

The arctool command is only available on myaccount.arc.ox.ac.uk.